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My Morning Cup of Joe

I drink one large cup of coffee every day. Just the one. It’s enough. But, it’s a big cup of coffee and it’s very sweet. Truly, this is not an average cup of coffee. This morning as I made my coffee, I took pictures throughout the process. I fully realize how openly this reveals my insanity, but I’m taking that risk.

I start by grinding my coffee to espresso grade, then pressing it into the coffee holder of my cappuccino machine:

Then I put that into its proper place in my cappuccino machine and fill it with fresh, cold, tap water:

Then I start my machine:

While that brews, I put a pinch of cinnamon in the bottom of my cup:


Then I pour a generous portion of my store-brand, fat-free, French Vanilla creamer into a microwave-able container:


I cover the container and shake it hard for 30 seconds. This shaking puts air into the creamer, giving it volume.

I then microwave the cream for 80 seconds to create a froth:

When my coffee carafe is full, I stop it, pour it into my cinnamon-laced cup, then slowly add the frothed creamer, stirring:


Then I enjoy my morning cup of Joe!

You may wonder why I don’t use the frothing tool which is attached to my cappuccino machine. I used to, on a previous machine, but I do not like how this frother froths….it’s simply not very good at frothing!  So, I googled how to froth milk without a frother and found many ways of doing it scientifically. This method works best for me!